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RV Deck

Tired of slipping on narrow RV steps? We can help! We sell a wide variety of sizes to fit your exact needs. Contact us to get started!

RV Porch
RV Porch with Roof

Expand your living space with a covered deck! Sit outside and enjoy a nice spring evening or even a thunderstorm. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

RV deck options include:
- Single Slope Roofs
- Stain
- Screen
- Ramps
- Multiple Sets of Steps

10x14 RV Patio
10x20 RV Deck 8' wide steps
8x16 RV Deck 4' Wide Steps
4x8 Stained RV Deck

Frequently Asked Questions

My Rv has a slide out. Can the deck be built low enough to accommodate for that?

-Yes it can! We can build RV decks as low as 10" tall. If there is a slide out that needs to be able to slide over the deck, we can adjust the deck height to accommodate.

Can I get a deck with a roof?

-Yes you can! We can do roofs on almost all RVs. As long as there is enough space above the door, we can add a roof.

What if we move our RV?

-All our decks are moveable, so you can take it with you! Small decks (5x5 - 6x10) can typically be moved by anybody with a pickup truck. Larger decks can be moved be anyone with the proper equipment.

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